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ToneRider Vintage 90

R 1,200.00 ZAR

Our Vintage 90 set uses Alnico II magnets for great sustain and unrivaled clarity. Played clean, they deliver authentic single-coil tones but with more girth and body than a strat or tele pickup can deliver. Crank up the gain for a thick yet clear and articulate distortion tone.

Construction-wise, each Vintage 90 pickup offers incredible attention to detail. Nickel-Silver is used for the baseplate, and the hook-up wire is a vintage-spec braided single conductor wire. The neck and bridge pickups are a RWRP set, offering hum-canceling performance in mid-position when used with a standard three-way toggle. Black and Cream covers are available as standard.

Polepiece Spacing: All our P90 pickups use 50mm spacing.

Neck Bridge
Magnet: Alnico 2 Bar Alnico 2 Bar
DCR: 7.6K 7.9K
Inductance: 6.6H 6.8H
Hookup Wire: Vintage Braid Vintage Braid
Winding Direction: Counter-Clockwise Clockwise
Baseplate: Nickel Silver Nickel Silver

Price is per individual pickup (neck or bridge).


2 P90s / 1 Vol / 1 Tone / 3-Way Toggle

2 P90s / 2 Vol / 2 Tone / 3-Way Toggle