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Tobacco Sunburst Finished Tele Body

R 1,380.00 ZAR

Professionally sprayed Tobacco Sunburst tone using nitrocellulose paints and sealants. The bridge is a through-bridge construction, meaning you would feed the strings through the bridge instead of through the body. It fits a standard Tele style neck, bridge, control plate, input/output jack, end-pins, pickguard, neck and bridge pickups.

The body has been professionally and factory sprayed using high-quality nitrocellulose and polyurethane paints.

Please allow some variance in the paint tone and burst of the item shipped versus the item in the image, since all guitars are finished by hand.

Wood Type: Ash
Binding: No
Neck Construction: Bolt-On or Set-In
String Construction: Through-Bridge
Thickness: 44mm