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Soprano Ukulele Kit

R 805.00 ZAR

The Soprano Ukulele, or Standard Ukulele as it is otherwise known, was made popular in Hawaii by a late king. They have always been popular for their affordability and practicality but have made a huge resurgence in recent times. They are great for beginners since they have a low number of frets and can be taken practically anywhere due to their weight and size.


"There's not much you can do with a ukulele that doesn't sound happy." - Jeff Lynne







Poplar Laminate 


Poplar Laminate


21" (Soprano)


* All parts included and assembly instructions will be emailed to you.

* We change wood types from time to time. The images are only a guide. Please refer to the image of the wood types in order to get a better idea of the current makeup of the body, neck and frets.

* If you would like info on having the guitar pre airbrushed with custom artwork, please click here. To view previous custom artwork, please click here.

* The product we supply is of outstanding quality. We cannot be held responsible for a bad build as a result of poor workmanship. We are however here to assist. It is not a difficult process but does require some TLC.