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Pick Punch Plectrum Cutter

R 518.00 ZAR

If you've ever owned a guitar I am almost certain that you have had the un-pleasurable experience of being unable to find a guitar pick anywhere when you need it most. You may have even resorted to tearing a piece of plastic out of a milk bottle, trying to strum with a coin or even using that old tooth the tooth fairy forgot about under your pillow years ago - but alas, nothing quite works like an actual guitar pick.

Then, a genius went ahead and invented the Pick Punch which makes sure that any Joe Soap or Eric Clapton wannabe will never be in this situation again. Now you can create your very own guitar picks.

Step one is to use your credit card to purchase a Pick Punch & step 2 is to convert that credit card into guitar picks before you get the chance to swipe it ever again. The plectrum shape is built into the Pick Punch so all that's required from you is to properly align your chosen piece of plastic and simply apply downwards pressure.

With its sleek, attractive design it will form a necessary part of your gig equipment & will inevitably become one of those items you simply cannot do without. Take it with you in your gig bag or leave it at home on top of the amp - as long as there is some sort of plastic around, you will never be without a plectrum ever again.