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Long (18mm) Brass Shaft Control Pots

R 50.00 ZAR

Control potentiometers are among the world's most widely used guitar tone and volume controls.

It takes ten times the power to make something sound twice as loud. That's why pots are a critical component of any guitar. They allow you to manipulate your tone & volume to find a sweet spot that works for you.

You would typically (but not restricted to) use 500k pots for Humbuckers and 250k pots for Single Coils.

A = 'Audio Taper' whilst B = 'Linear Taper'. This simply refers to how gradually it rolls off. Both will be as effective at level 0 or 10 but how abruptly they get there is the difference. We usually suggest using A for volume and then B for tone.

Capacitors can be found here and standard (15mm) pots can be found here.

Includes a flat washer & lock washer.

Casing Diameter: 24mm
Mounting Hole Required: 8mm
Shaft: Long (18mm)
Handle: Split brass shaft with coarse knurling
Push: 20Kg. F Max
Rotational Torque: 30gf. Cm-100gf. Cm
Rotational Lift: 10K Cycles