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Lipstick Tube Pickups With Flatwork Bobbin

R 276.00 ZAR

These Lipsticks are made specifically to fit Strat-style guitars. The flatwork bobbin has the correct spacing to be used seamlessly in place of a middle, neck or bridge standard single-coil pickup.

Lipstick Tube pickups were the 1947 brainchild of Nathan Daniel and as the name suggests, they were actually first produced in real women lipstick tubes. They feature individual ceramic magnets as pole pieces held in a bobbin that is then wrapped in copper wire.

A popular choice to get a dirtier or ragged overdriven sound. Great for rhythm guitar and can be used in all positions.

Baseplate: Zinc Alloy
Bobbin: Flatwork
Colour: Chrome
Magnet: Ceramic
DC Resistance: 4.6K
Sound: 60's Vintage

 Sold per individual pickup