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Double, 2-Way Adjusted Truss Rod

R 230.00 ZAR

Truss Rods are used to add back bow to a guitar or to increase the curvature of the neck upwards. Great care must be taken when adjusting an installed Truss Rod as even a 1/4 of a turn can severely change the bow of a guitar neck.

A dual-action truss rod is capable of producing neck up-bow or back-bow relief despite the tension of the strings. Turn the nut clockwise to get a back-bow relief on the neck and turn the nut counterclockwise to get an up-bow relief on the neck.

*These Truss Rods are the classic style with a double end to allow two-way adjustments.


- Electric Guitar

- 7mm wide

- Adjusted with a Allen/Hex key



- Bass Guitar

- 9mm wide

- Adjusted with an Allen/Hex key



- Adjusted with an Allen/Hex key