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'64 US Standard Strat Pickguards

R 196.00 ZAR
Mint Green
Brown Tortoise
Red Tortoise

Manufactured to 64 US Standard spec with 11 mounting holes and fill-sized and thick aluminum shield foil on the underside. Also cut perfectly with clean surfaces and smooth edges.

This item is designed to protect your guitar body from your plectrum when you strum ensuring the body is free from scratches. Great to replace a damaged pickguard or for a new custom build.

Style: 64 US Standard
Material: PVC and Celluloid (where applicable)
Mounting Holes: 11
Shield: Full-size aluminum foil

Pickguard screws are not included.

*64 Pickguard: The mounting screw between the neck and the middle pickup is nearer to the middle pickup and the pickguard is shielded with 0.3mm aluminum foil.

*62 Pickguard: The mounting screw between the neck and middle pickup is in the middle and the pickguard is not shielded.