Custom Artwork Info

We currently work with 2 custom artists who are both able to offer you full product customisation.  When you build your own guitar, it should look the way you want it to look - if you have smoking guns or cute unicorns in mind, then we want your guitar to look like a smoking gun or a cute unicorn.

Click here to view some of our previous custom artwork.  As we undergo more projects, we will continue to add to our gallery of previous work.

Custom Studio

Custom Studio 
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Leonard Myburgh

Big D Customs

Big D Custom
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Jarryd Duncan

Should you choose to have your DIY Guitar custom airbrushed by our talented air brush artist:

  1. Either contact the artist prior to purchasing the guitar kit to bounce ideas, or do so after purchasing.
  2. If you'd prefer us to send the kit directly to the artist, please indicate so in the 'notes' section when checking out.
  3. The artist should (on request) create a Computer Aided Design (CAD) on his pc which he will forward to you for approval.
  4. If you approve the CAD mock up then the artist will proceed.
  5. If you refuse the mock up amendments will be made to the CAD before the guitar is airbrushed.
  6. The cost to courier the airbrushed guitar to you will be at your own expense.

Over and above spraying the guitar the artists can also seal the wood to give it a aged wood effect. He can also carve into the wood to create texture. Anything is possible. Get creative with it, and more importantly have fun.

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