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The most noticeable characteristic about the Voyage Air Guitars is the ability to fold the neck making it a breeze to travel with whether flying, driving, sailing etc. But there is so much more to these guitars. The hands free backpack which is sold with each guitar allows you trek even the most treacherous mountain whilst keeping both hands free to carry other items.

The zippered carry case has been designed to also qualify as carry-on luggage so you can keep your guitar near you at all times rather then sticking it in the hold of the aeroplane.

Patented Hinge System:

The neck of the guitar is hinged and in order unfold, you need to unscrew the end-pin, pull it up and then lift the neck away from the body before it will fold inwards, ensuring a tight fit without any movement every time, no matter how often you travel. You might need to spend a minute or two tuning the guitar each time you put the neck back in place but thats about all the additional work you will need. Each guitar carries a lifetime warranty.
Some guitarists first thought is that a guitar with a folding neck could never live up to standards of a fixed neck guitar - but put simply, this guitar is well built with the finest woods, easy to play, beautiful with accurate attention to detail & of an outstanding quality. All manufactured in California, USA.
Watch How It Works: