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Colour Display Clip-On Tuner/Metronome

R 575.00 ZAR

Clip this tuner to the end of your guitar headstock and it will pick up the vibrations through your neck for accurate tuning. It also features a microphone. Can be used with Bass, Guitar or even a Ukulele.

It also features a metronome to help you keep time & rhythm.


Tempo: 30-250 bpm
Tap Tempo: 30-250 bpm
A4 Frequency: 410-450Hz
Tuning: Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Violin and Ukulele
Tuning Range: 0A(27.5Hz)-8C(4186.01Hz)
Tuning Modes: MIC, CLIP
Dimensions: 30(L)X50(H)X83(W)mm
Weight: 30g
Power: CR2032 Battery (1)