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String Action Ruler

R 334.00 ZAR

A neat pocket-sized device designed to accurately determine action measurements for string instruments such as guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo etc. Includes a scale in order to measure string height, bridge saddle height, saddle slot depth, pickup polepiece height, fret slot depth and nut height. Displays useful conversions with long-lasting etched printing. A lot of uses for a tool this size!


Material: Stainless steel

Application: Electric guitar, Bass and Acoustic guitar

Unit: mm/in

Scale for string height: 0.01-0.14in / 0.25-3.50mm

Scale for bridge saddle slot depth: 0-0.875in / 0-20mm

Scale for nuts saddles and polepieces: 0-0.75in / 0-20mm

Ruler size: 8.9 * 5.1cm / 3.5 * 2in (length * width)