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Fret File Crowning Tool

R 713.00 ZAR

This is one of the most advanced precision fret end, crown dressing files available. It has been designed specifically for fret ends and is your most effective weapon in the battle against sharp fret ends otherwise known as 'fret sprout'. It is a must-have for a smoother, faster playing guitar that will inspire you to play more often.

- Made of Carbon Tool Steel T12

- Used for stringed instruments: Acoustic, electric, bass, Ukulele etc

- The file has 3 different sizes edges, for narrow frets, medium frets and wide frets

- Made with wooden handle for convenient and comfortable use

- Packed with individual Nylon Oxford Bag

Note: After using this tool, the fret will require basic polish work which can be achieved by using different sizes of sandpaper to polish the fret until it is smooth