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Strat Neck

R 700.00 ZAR

This Strat neck is inlaid, fretted & finished. The nut is shaped as well as slotted.

Comes ready with a beautiful maple neck & brown blackwood fretboard with inlays as well as side markers.

The base of the neck is blank i.e there are no screw holes in order to attach the neck to the body. If the neck is needed for a Bolt-On guitar, the holes will need to be drilled.

Installed is a single action truss rod with 4mm adjusting nut at the headstock.

The headstock has pre-drilled holes to fit 6 in-line tuning machines. The holes have a 10mm diameter to fit sealed gear tuners with threaded peghead bushings.

This neck has a 'paddle' headstock meaning it has been left extra long so you can shape it however you like. We are able to supply templates of popular shapes which you can print & cut around should you prefer.

The neck should always fit into the pocket of the guitar body with minimal effort. Never force the neck in. In order to ensure a smooth fitting, the part of the neck that sits in the neck pocket of the body should be free of paint or lacquer. When finishing the guitar or neck, remember to use masking tape on the neck pocket as well as the base of the neck which fits into the body.


Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Brown Blackwood
Inlay: White Dot
Headstock: Paddle
Fret Count: 21
Width at Nut: 4.2cm
Width at Last Fret: 5.5cm
Heel Thickness: 2.7cm
Heel Width: 5.7cm