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Powder Wood Stain

R 138.00 ZAR
Yellow Y
Yellow R
Light Red
Dark Red
Light Green
Dark Green
Light Grey
Dark Grey
Light Oak
Medium Oak
Dark Oak
Light Walnut
Medium Walnut
Dark Walnut
Light Mahogany
Dark Mahogany
Dark Cherry

Guitars are made of wood, and for a guitar to look as good as it should, the wood needs to be dressed properly!

For over eighty years CLOU has set the standard for an enormous variety of colors and faithful consistency from one production lot to the next - and for nearly twenty years CLOU colours have been the leading wood stains.

CLOU powder stains are sold in dry powder form, ready to be mixed with hot water (and cooled off) to create any quantity required. Colours can be mixed to create custom colours. Shelf life of the dry powders is at least several years.

Directions for Use:

Dissolve the content of the sachet in one half pint of hot water and allow solution to cool. Spread the solution thickly and evenly over the watered, ground and dust-free wood using a brush or sponge. After 2 minutes remove superfluous stain with the brush or sponge. Allow the stained surface to dry thoroughly.

* One sachet of dye will be sufficient for one application of one guitar, can use multiple colours on one guitar though.

* Slight differences in the displayed tones and those on the woods to be stained are unavoidable.