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Shellac Liquid

R 460.00 ZAR

Shellac is a classic finish and the basis for French Polishing, which gives your guitar a beautiful hand-rubbed finish. The finish is evaporative; it cures entirely when it's solvent, the alcohol evaporates and it also re-dissolves on contact with alcohol - which is the basis of the application of Shellac to your guitar body or neck.


Brush on 3-4 coats of undiluted Shellac. The coats should overlap each other slightly. Allow these coats to dry overnight and then lightly sand with 360 grit sandpaper. Repeat this process until you are happy with the finish. The thinner the coat, the easier it is to apply but you will then need more coats.


For a satin finish or a deep, soft shine, rub the Shellac with liquid sandpaper. If you are having trouble applying Shellac, you can dilute it with methylated spirits.