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Pure Tung Oil

R 426.00 ZAR

Tung Oil needs no introduction. It's been a tried and tested wood oil since forever. Also commonly knows as 'China Wood Oil'. It is made from Tung Tree Nuts and is harder, more water-resistant and less prone to yellowing than cheaper alternatives. This product is 100% pure and does not contain any dryer, UV inhibitors or vegetable solvents. Tung Oil dries lighter and is more natural-looking after several coats have been applied. It leaves a natural matt finish.


Apply the first coat of Tung Oil sparingly using either a brush or a cotton cloth. This will allow the oil to fully penetrate the wood. Rub it in well and wipe away any excess. The wood should feel dry to the touch. You can then continue to apply further coats until you reach your desired finish.


You can apply additional coats sparingly but remember to remove any excess build-up. You might want to use steel wool in between early coats but avoid after 3 or 4 or so. If the surface becomes sticky or dull, then you have applied too much.