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Pure Linseed Oil

R 138.00 ZAR

Linseed Oil is used mostly for oiling, cleaning and nourishing your fretboard, which might otherwise become dull from a build-up of sweat and dirt. It can also though, be used for cleaning the body or neck of the guitar before applying your chosen sealant. Normal Linseed Oil contains drying agents which reduces its effectiveness. Our Linseed Oil is Pure and does not contain any drying agents but as such might take slightly longer to fully dry.

Linseed Oil will bring out the gloss of your frets and will nourish them to prevent cracks, penetrating the wood only slightly before drying.


It is best to remove 2x (or 3x) strings, apply Linseed Oil, replace those strings and then remove the next 2x (or 3x) etc as there should always be tension on the neck, but it is not 100% required. Oils might also dull your strings if they come into contact). A few drops will spread easily so apply sparingly to the fretboard of the instrument using a cotton cloth. Allow the solution to dry for 10-15 minutes before wiping and buffering the frets with a cloth. The Linseed odours will disappear after a short while.