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Fernol Wood Oil

R 230.00 ZAR

The difference between wood with no gloss and wood with a great gloss is CLOU Fernol. Originally designed the keep the gloss on gun stocks it is now a popular product for guitar enthusiasts wanting to keep that great glow on their wood finished guitars.
For over eighty years CLOU has set the standard for an enormous variety of products and faithful consistency from one production lot to the next.
CLOU fernol offers colourless, breathable protection based on natural oils and waxes. Cleaning additives enhance the gloss of the surfaces and make them water repellant.
Suitable for painted, dyed or plain wood that has already been sealed.
-          Excellent penetration
-          Very resilient
-          Water & dirt repellent
-          Resistant to alcoholic drinks and household cleaners
Directions for Use:
Apply in the direction of the grain using a soft cloth. Rub down again after a few minutes with a soft, dry cloth. Apply more generously in order to remove stains and scratches. Treat stubborn areas again after several hours.