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Easy Fret Care Kit

R 1,093.00 ZAR

Patent-pending and manufactured in Japan, these Easy Fret Care Kits include 2x Fret Care Cloths and 5x Fret Care Sheets and come neatly packaged in an aluminum case. You will be able to clean 5x guitars with one set.

Care Cloth: Removes dust and dullness, adding shine using micro-abrasion and wax. The cloth will start to turn black as you clean your frets, but this does not affect its performance. Please do not wash the cloth.

Care Sheet: Designed for fret cleaning and can be peeled off and used several times over (+- 5-10 frets). There are 3x strips per sheet, and 1x sheet will allow you to clean one instrument.

2.0 mm = Small Size Frets

2.4 mm = Medium Size Frets

2.8 mm = Jumbo Size Frets