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Danish Oil

R 334.00 ZAR

Danish Oil is easy to apply to the body and neck of a guitar and leaves a penetrating finish with the toughness of polyurethane. The final result is a natural, water, sweat and UV resistant look suitable for all types of wood. It is also anti-fungal, biodegradable, lead and silicone-free and will not flake or crack. The wood will remain resonant even after multiple coats of Danish Oil.


We recommend that the oil and the guitar are both at the temperature of the room where you will be applying the oil. The first coat of Danish Oil can be liberally applied with a lint-free or cotton cloth or even a brush if you would prefer. The first coat will penetrate the wood. Rub the oil in well and wipe away the excess. The wood should start to feel dry to the touch. You can continue to apply more coats (apply sparingly and remember to remove excess) until you reach your desired thickness or look. If the surface becomes sticky or dull, you would have applied too much.


Rub down with wet and dry sandpaper while the oil is still wet to get a smooth finish. you can buff or wax it for extra luster.