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Strat Style 3-Tone Tobacco Burst SSH Body

R 3,335.00 ZAR

Beautiful 3-tone burst Strat-style body made from hand-selected 2-spliced alder. Manufactured to standard '60s spec with SSH (single-single-humbucker) pickup routing and finished with a thin layer of polyurethane before being polished and buffed by hand.

The thin polyurethane layer allows the natural tone of the guitar to ring through. This is a true custom shop quality tonewood guitar body.

The trem route will accept the large majority of modern and vintage tremolo systems and the neck heel is cut to the standard 5.55cm to fit Fender original as well as replacement necks.

Wood Type: 2-Splicing Alder
Pickup Routing: S-S-H
Finish: 3-Tone Tobacco Burst