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Build Your Own Strat Style Guitar

Body: 1x Neck: 1x Control Pots: 3x
Pickguard: 1x Machine Heads: 6x 5-Way Switch: 1x
Pickguard Mounting Screws: 12x Machine Head Mounting Screws: 6x Switch Screws: 2x
Tremolo Bridge and Whammy: 1x Neck Joint Plate: 1x Selector Switch End-Caps: 1x
Spring Claw Set and Cover: 1x Neck Plate Mounting Screws: 1x Pickups: 3x
Bridge Mounting Screws:
4x String Retainer: 2x Pickup Adjustment Springs: 6x
Control Knobs: 3x Truss Rod Cover: 1x Pickup Adjustment Screws: 6x
End-Pins (Strap Buttons): 2x Guitar Strings: 1x Jack Plate: 1x
Accessories: ~ Output/Input Jack: 1x
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