Business Sale

Blackbeard's Den is essentially a business in a box. All of the below is fully setup and operational and can be taken over by someone with relative ease. The website can be live again and sales rolling in almost immediately.

- Ecommerce store with premium template (powered by Shopify)

- Courier accounts (FastWay)

- Business Banking (FNB)


- Import and export licenses

- Trade agreements with on-shore and off-shore suppliers

- Accounting software (Xero)

- Inventory

- Google Apps

- Domains: + and

- Automation (Zapier)

- Logo and brand elements (trademarked, CIPC)

- POS hardware + label printers, printers, laptop, product scale, photo table

- Social pages: Luthier Page / FB Page / Instagram

Please use the form below to contact us should you be interested to make an offer. We can send financials etc and are open to offers.

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