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Sneak Peak at What's Soon to Come

Hello all,

Yes, yes - we have been very slack with updating our blog... apologies. It's something we're committing to change!

Any way, for those DIY Guitar enthusiasts who are waiting for our new stock to arrive, there is not long to wait now I promise. By early March 2015 we will have replenished all of our current shapes & will also have some new awesome additions to the family. These newbies include:


1: Les Paul Jnr

We decided to manufacture the Les Paul Jnr on a whim. We honestly haven't had too many requests for it but as popular as the common Les Paul is we thought we couldn't go wrong with it and so far we seem to have proved ourselves right (-; We are currently taken pre-orders on all of our shapes and current confirmed pre-orders for this baby surpass any of the other shapes, so far at least.


2: Thinline Tele & Thinline Tele with Bigsby Trem


These two classics were always going to make their way into our inventory. Their sleek design & classic appeal make them an absolute must heave. Either if its destined to be a show piece on the wall or on a guitar stand in the lounge. We have two versions, one with a Bigsy style trem and one without. Also one with a maple neck and one without. Both just as cool as each other.


3: Jazz Bass

For those bassists out there, we will soon have the shape you have all been asking us for - the  4 string J-Bass! Pre-orders for this shape have already almost sold it out completely so we're going to be working relentlessly on manufacturing more of these. It comes with a perloid scratch plate and all the other classic features which make it the master piece it is already.


Other then that, all other shapes will be replenished. If you have any suggestions on DIY Guitar shapes you would like to so on Blackbeard's Den please feel free to reach out to let us know.

Till we chat again!

Blackbeard's Den

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Pickmaster - Make Your Own Plectrums!

Hope you all getting excited for the weekend!

We're ecstatic to officially announce a new product to our product range - the fantastic Pickmaster!

Since I first heard about this product I was intrigued - the ingenuity of it is what drew me to it. I love simple yet effective ideas & creating a product that allows you to cut your own plectrums from any piece of plastic is simply genius and I knew that it would be a fantastic addition to Blackbeard's Den and would compliment our Custom DIY Guitar Kits as well as the other products we have.

The Pickmaster solves a specific problem that any guitar player knows about. The problem is 'where did I leave my flippen plectrums?' This issue no longer has to exist and as long as you have an old credit card or any piece of plastic (presuming its a good thickness and not too hard) lying around you are good to go!

You might be thinking, 'well I don't always have plastic nearby' but you're wrong. Take a minute to think about how much plastic is actually around you at any given moment. Milk bottle, old cards, cards for shops you never visit, that card your Vodacom sim arrived in, the hard plastic your boxer shorts arrives in, coke bottles, the container your Woolworths mini hamburgers are sitting in - its all good enough to become a plectrum!

Until the 19th September 2014 we are offering 15% off any purchase. Simply use the code '1000' at checkout to have this discount automatically apply.

Once again, if you have any products that you think would be a great addition to our website please don't hesitate to get in touch with us!


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New Logo & Web Layout

Hi all,

Hope the weekend is treating you well (-;

So as the more perceptive of you would have already realised, we have finally changed our logo! To accompany it we have also decided to adjust the colour layout and format of our website to suite a more 'mature' theme. Not that we are by any means 'mature', but change is always good!

We would love to hear your feedback regarding the changes.

Our previous logo was designed in about 20 minutes flat. We always new it was going to have to be professionally designed sooner or later - we just didn't expect it would take us 2 years to get around to it...

We made contact with Jenny Coulson via her website and decided to utilise her creative ability in order to make us a more professional and textured logo. The final result was exactly what we were after and has been adopted along all of our digital mediums. Any one looking for some professional design work, I would recommend you give Jenny a call. She is based in Cape Town.

Here is a look at the final logo:

Feedback, thoughts, complaints, compliments all welcome!

On a side note, we are continuing our quest to providing our customers with an array of guitar shapes which will allow you create and play your very own Do-It-Yourself Guitar. We currently have lefty shapes as well as some new models (including a 5 string bass!) in production - more details to follow soon!

Have a good Sunday!

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Impi Skateboards! Hot Item!

Hi guys,

I hope everyone is having a fantastic start to their week. Not another long weekend for a while now so time now to buckle down and focus on the things that matter most, The Soccer World Cup! Viva Chile!! (only because Bafana aren't in it...)

As most of you probably already know, we have recently launched a new product. We wanted something funky and cool that would compliment our current range. We serve a particular type of customer and want to retain that niche - after all, our business only exists because of that niche of loyal customers we have adopted and love so very much!

Everyone loves a skateboard. There is nothing cool about not owning a skateboard. You don't have to ride it, but even if it is stuck up on your wall or stored somewhere so that one day you can dust of your knee pads and give it a go again it is still cool. A skateboard becomes your identity and a snapshot of you who you are - every little ding or scratch makes it even that much more unique and that much more yours.

So enough with the sloppy stuff - Impi Skateboards are retro 22" (56cm) skateboards that we sell piece by piece allowing you to create a board that matches your identity exactly. They are versatile, totally hip and small enough that you can take it with you everywhere. They are so durable that even if you reverse your car over it you will still be able to cruise with it, no word of lie!

We have different colour decks, trucks, wheels and even grip tape available allowing you to really pimp it out. Whatever colour combination you want is entirely up to you. We also include a T-Tool to make customisation even easier and also a complete set of stickers as well as nuts and bolts (of course! What good is a skateboard without nuts and bolts!?)

For a limited time, we are offering these Impi Skateboards to our loyal fan base at 15% off all orders by using the product code sk8impi on checkout.

As is Blackbeard's custom, we still offer free postage and a small fee if the courier is wanted.

For any questions please feel free to contact us.

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New Product Alert!

We want to invite our customers to have a sneak peek at a new product we have been working on. We aim to provide multiple products that our current and soon to be loyal customers would find interesting, rather than attracting multiple different target audiences with a clutter of different products. We want focus!

The DIY Guitars we're out first item and will remain as our core item for a long time to come! Before Blackbeard DIY Guitars customers weren't able to build their own electric guitar from scratch. We provide them with the raw materials and the rest is in their hands - the final built guitar is exactly the same as a quality guitar from a music shop would be, only they built and sprayed it themselves which makes it that much more unique!

We started asking ourselves what other products would interest these customers and consequently, we came up with watches. And then Beer Pong. And now its time for the next one!

Below is the picture of its soon-to-be sticker logo. I know the word 'skateboards' gives it away, but it isn't just an ordinary skateboard... Anyone have any ideas as to what might make this skateboard unique? They will be on sale from 1st June 2014!


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A Look Back at Blackbeard's Beginnings

Dear customer/browser/e-geek or whoever may be reading this.

Blackbeard's Den has been around for almost two years now and it has been one helluva adventure so far! From conception and template creation of our very first few models of DIY Guitars and partnering with Custom Studio for custom design work, we have now moved into having over 12 different DIY Guitar Kits options and also retailing Blackbeard watches, tremolo's, Beer Pong Kits, local trade goods and a few other items. And this it is only the beginning! More products are soon to be added but more details on these in a bit (-;

Although we most certainly would like to grow, our focus has never been primarily on revenue - too often when a company scales too quickly they tend to lose sight of the most important aspect of business, which is the customer and after sales service that is so critical to growth. This is something that South Africa in particular tends to battle with and has been on the top of our agenda to maintain a satisfied client base. To date I can boost that Blackbeard's Den has a 100% customer satisfaction rating and a manual response to every single email received whether it be an enquiry, an order or someone looking for some help to get their DIY Guitar Kit built.

2014 so far has been a prosperous year for us and we thank you all for the support you have given us so far! We have a new product launching soon which we will be communicating through blog, social media and also our newsletter. A little hint as to what it may be: Lords of Dogtown.

I wish you all well and hope that everyone had a blessed Easter (those that celebrate).


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