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Impi Skateboards! Hot Item!

Hi guys,

I hope everyone is having a fantastic start to their week. Not another long weekend for a while now so time now to buckle down and focus on the things that matter most, The Soccer World Cup! Viva Chile!! (only because Bafana aren't in it...)

As most of you probably already know, we have recently launched a new product. We wanted something funky and cool that would compliment our current range. We serve a particular type of customer and want to retain that niche - after all, our business only exists because of that niche of loyal customers we have adopted and love so very much!

Everyone loves a skateboard. There is nothing cool about not owning a skateboard. You don't have to ride it, but even if it is stuck up on your wall or stored somewhere so that one day you can dust of your knee pads and give it a go again it is still cool. A skateboard becomes your identity and a snapshot of you who you are - every little ding or scratch makes it even that much more unique and that much more yours.

So enough with the sloppy stuff - Impi Skateboards are retro 22" (56cm) skateboards that we sell piece by piece allowing you to create a board that matches your identity exactly. They are versatile, totally hip and small enough that you can take it with you everywhere. They are so durable that even if you reverse your car over it you will still be able to cruise with it, no word of lie!

We have different colour decks, trucks, wheels and even grip tape available allowing you to really pimp it out. Whatever colour combination you want is entirely up to you. We also include a T-Tool to make customisation even easier and also a complete set of stickers as well as nuts and bolts (of course! What good is a skateboard without nuts and bolts!?)

For a limited time, we are offering these Impi Skateboards to our loyal fan base at 15% off all orders by using the product code sk8impi on checkout.

As is Blackbeard's custom, we still offer free postage and a small fee if the courier is wanted.

For any questions please feel free to contact us.


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