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Calling all music teachers!

I stumbled across this platform the other day that may just solve the problem all of us who have been a freelancer over the years probably would have experienced - getting more leads. As a small business owner or freelancer we are always looking for more business to keep the cash coming in, the problem is the costs associated with marketing. We hear about Google AdWords, SEO’s, Social Media marketing, writing blog posts etc, etc, etc, which, lets be honest, can be both daunting and extremely time consuming.


This new South African platform - - is looking to solve exactly that problem. It’s a “Reverse Classifieds” approach & allows you to simply sign up and list your areas of expertise. When users come to the platform and look for a service, instead of getting taken to a list of results (think google, gumtree, etc) the platform sends on the lead to any qualifying suppliers who can then bid for the work should they wish to pursue. So with Versofy you will receive ALL the leads from customers looking for your service and don’t have to worry what page on google your website is on.

From what I can see they have just launched and are looking for suppliers to sign up and join their database. And the best thing about it is it’s completely free, so why not?

We supply the guitars, now it’s up to you guys to get them playing! Join the platform as a supplier, let them know that you hold guitar, piano or any type of music tuition (or any other service) & wait till someone requests your services (-:

“The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you” - B.B. King

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